Saturday, December 5, 2009

TuneUp Live Optimization – Priority for Background Processes

TuneUp Live Optimization – Priority for Background Processes

We can normally count the programs we use every day on one hand. But a typical Windows PC has numerous other programs running in the background, most of which we know nothing about. We only really notice them when the PC stops working at its full performance, suddenly stops working, and programs we are trying to work with just ‘freeze up’.

The new Live Optimization feature from TuneUp Utilities – Version 2010 is the first complete tuning solution to offer protection against these background programs that eat up resources! And the best thing is: This protection is completely automatic, you don’t need to change the way you work or live without specific functions.

What is TuneUp Live Optimization and what makes it so unique?

TuneUp Live Optimization is a dynamic resource administration tool that focuses processor performance on the programs you are actually using. This means that TuneUp Utilities – Version 2010 runs a real-time analysis of the programs you are currently using and bundles the main performance of your PC for these programs. Background processes that eat up resources are automatically given lower priority.

We’ve all experienced it: The program we are in the middle of using just freezes up! Suddenly, nothing works any more and the computer seems to be working too hard. It is at moments like these that you wish your computer had more processor power!

But is a lack of processor power really the problem? Often not! It is all the background programs which have embedded themselves in the information area of thetaskbar, or those which are completely invisible, that really make computers slow and sluggish. These programs often want exactly the same PC resources that you are trying to use for your active applications. And this is exactly where TuneUp Live Optimization comes in: It has an intelligentsystem that recognizes when you want to open, for example, Word, and dynamically allocates more processor power for Word. So there is nothing stopping you from working quicker and more efficiently!

Are you a PC professional? Would you like to try the effect of Live Optimization for yourself?

Then download  PC Stress Test and see the positive effects for yourself. 

The PC Stress Test tool simulates the load on your CPU from programs running in the background. First, make sure that TuneUp Live Optimization is switched off. Now open the PC Stress Test tool and click on “Start”. If you now open Word and attempt to open a document, you will notice that your computer is very sluggish, and it can take up to thirty seconds before you can start your work in Word.

On the trail of the Eureka effect: Now do the same test again once you have ensured that TuneUp Utilities – Version 2010 is installed and Live Optimization is activated. You will notice how TuneUp Live Optimization dynamically assigns more resources to the correct programs and puts the programs that hog the resources in their place. Your programs start more quickly, even when the system is working hard, and run more smoothly. For more fun with your PC!

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