Thursday, December 31, 2009

Touch Carrom Game for Apple iPhone – Review

Touch Carrom Game for Apple iPhone – Review

Touch carrom is a simple and cool carrom board application for iPhone, for those carrom players who would love to use the same fingers, not just in the real big board but in this small gadget with the sleek touch interface gaming experience.
Nothing new or different from the original board gaming, but the only difference you see is that you won’t need to use any force of your fingers. Just a small feather touch is enough to make the striker move, and hit the other carrom-men (coins).

First experience – If you have ever played carrom board game or snooker on your computer, you should be easily playing this too. Its the same way, drag the striker on the board line of your side, hit to set it first. Then slide your finger from the striker to a bit far away behind it, in the opposite direction and move left or right – This will set the direction of the striker and the force with which the striker is going to be hit. The farther you slide your finger from the striker, the higher the force set is.

But the problem i faced was, that after everything is set correctly, a slight single touch on the board did not make the striker make a move. There can be 2 reasons for this – Either my iPhone was slow, or there was a problem with the adjustment of the game with the touch interface of the phone. Either way, its a disadvantage. If it doesn’t run in phones with slower speeds, then I don’t recommend you to use it if you are having loads of apps already, and phone is experiencing any hangs while usage of any apps. The game still would be slow for a few minutes in the beginning, in any iPhone, so don’t panic if it isn’t at good speed when you start playing for the first time.

Still, I tried various ways to find out how to make the striker move after a touch, and the best was to give a 1-2 second touch near the center of the board and then the projected striker goes in the direction which was set. Playing the game is easy, if you can set the direction and know the game of carroms!

Its a cool game but has problems just in the beginning. If you get used to it for some time, then you would have a good time enjoying it later. The same 9-9-1 set game, available in both Single player and Multiplayer option. You can play either a quick board, or a full match.
You can set your names, and set the sound and vibrations.

A few rules of the game are:

  • The player who would start the game (randomly set by the app, either you or the computer) will have the white carrommen.
  • A match is won by best of three games, and a game won by either getting 25 points or best of the 8 boards, whichever comes first.
  • A carromman gets 1 point, and queen gets 3 points.
  • Queen’s points are counted only if you finally win the game, or else the points are canceled.
  • You lose one carromman if you pocket the striker, and if the striker is pocketed in the start of the game, the carromman is due till you score one later.

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