Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Automatically Tweet Latest Blog Posts via FeedBurner Socialize

Automatically Tweet Latest Blog Posts via FeedBurner Socialize

Google Feedburner which is a 100% Free Service and a Real boon for the blogger has added a new feature called ‘Socialize’ which would allow you to connect your feed with the social websites. Normally Feedburner allows you to distribute your content through multiple channels like email, feed readers etc now offering you to do the same through Social Networks like Twitter where in your latest blog post links would be published and your subscribers or followers can read them. Since Twitter allows only 140 characters in the Tweets, Feedburner allows you to customize your automated tweets in multiple options.
First of all in order to get started you need to visit to the Publicize option under your Feed Details and then click on the Services > Socialize. Next you will have to Authorize your Twitter Account, by clicking on the button which says ‘Add a Twitter account’ following which you will be redirected to a new window asking you to Enter your Twitter Logins and Allow/Deny Access. Once the Authorization is completed you will be able to find your Twitter Account Listed on the same page. Next you need to configure the Formatting Options which are generally dependable on personal choice.
You can Either show the Title of your Blog Post or also Suffix the first few words to it by Selecting the ‘Title & Body’ option though its not recommended to use the second option because it would have a maximum of 5-10 words which wont make your tweet meaningful. Next its recommended to select the Hash Tahs option which would add a # Tag prefixed to your Category Name under which the Blog Post was Published. I have attached a screenshot below for my current settings which can give you a idea on how to configure them.

Thats it, now whenever you Publish a New Blog you will find the same tweeted in your Twitter Account.

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