Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Setup US iTunes Account in 5 Mins – Redeem iPhone Promo Codes

Setup US iTunes Account in 5 Mins – Redeem iPhone Promo Codes

Whenever you receive a Free Promo Code to test or try out any iPhone App, you will be locked with a problem which says that you cannot do this because your account is not from US and hence the Promo Code cannot be redeemed. Here is a quick way to solve this problem and this does work. In order to get started you need to first Signout of your iTunes Account and then on the right side of your iTunes you would find a section called ‘Quick Links’ under which there is a link called as ‘Redeem’. Click on this – Next Enter the 12 Characters AlphaNumeric Code in the Box and click on Redeem. After this the iTunes would ask you to Login or Register for a New Account. Click on the Signup for New Account option and follow the process below.

Next the iTunes Store threw a big list of Terms & Conditions to accept after which it was asking for Email Address, Password[twice], forgot Password Question & Answer along with the Date of Birth. Next is the most important section where in you will be asked to select the Payment Mode but since you are not from US and are looking for a account to just get access, you can select the Payment Option as None along with some of your relatives US Address and Phone Number.


This kind of account will be allowing you to just Redeem any iPhone Promo Codes you receive and also get access to the Free Apps available in the iTunes Store. Also you dont need a Credit Card for setting up a US Based iTunes Account and this does work. Let me know if you find any issues with this.

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