Saturday, December 12, 2009

How does fragmentation affect your PC and why is prevention so important?

How does fragmentation affect your PC and why is prevention so important?

Diskeeper® 2010 performance software is finally here. It can do what no other software can — PREVENT fragmentation before it ever happens.The whole purpose of a computer is to complete complicated tasks fast, but unless disk fragmentation is effeciently eliminated, your PC will continue to slow down regardless of the amount of RAM or storage space added to it.

How does fragmentation affect your PC?

When fragmentation occurs, your PC wastes precious resources by writing fragmented files to the disk. When this happens, it adversely affects the access and write speed of that hard disk, steadily corrupting computer performance causing PC slows, lags and crashes. Because all computers suffer from fragmentation, this is a critical issue to resolve.

Why is fragmentation prevention so important?

By preventing up to 85% of all disk fragmentation, Diskeeper 2010 with new IntelliWrite™ fragmentation prevention technology resolves this issue. When you want to speed up your PC, fragmentation prevention is far and away the most efficient solution. Immediately your computer saves all the resources that would have been wasted writing fragmented files to a disk. For prior fragmentation and for the slight amount that isn’t prevented, Diskeeper has powerful defrag engines that automatically and invisibly handle it — without any effort on your part.
Nothing comes close to Diskeeper 2010!

A few of the benefits of Diskeeper 2010 Home:
  • Prevents up to 85% of fragmentation from ever happening.
  • Dramatically improves Windows® system performance.
  • Increases file read and write speeds.
  • Greatly reduces drive wear.
  • Reduces energy consumption and system cooling requirements.
  • Allows for faster antivirus and spyware scans.
  • Increases system speed and efficiency.

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