Sunday, December 13, 2009

Google Chrome Extension to Take Screen Capture Easily

Google Chrome Extension to Take Screen Capture Easily

Google Chrome Extensions are publicly launched and now there are numerous options to install on your Chrome Browser which can not only help you but also increase your work productivity. While there are several options for taking website screenshots like Screenshot Captor, Grab Them All, Screengrab for Firefox & all of which mostly work for the Firefox Browser and also need to be installed on your computer. But now with the Google Chrome Extensions you can also install a excellent extension by avairy called as the Aviary Screen Capture

You can check out how to Install Chrome Extension and then download it from this url. It adds a small icon near the address bar on the browser as shown below.

Next you need to open the web page you want to take a screenshot of using the address bar and then click on the small avairy extension button, which clicked would give you the following options.

Next click on the Capture Visible Portion of the Page option which would open a new tab on your Chrome Browser and would show you some basic Image editing options and also a option to Save the Image File to your computer. Thats it, you have successfully taken a screenshot of a Online web page easily.

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