Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tata Docomo Happy Do Year E-Greetings

Tata Docomo Happy Do Year E-Greetings

TATA DOCOMO has launched a unique range of ‘DO Year’ E-greetings in association with! This is a first of its kind move by a telecom company in India. In its efforts to co-create the brand together with the community, TATA DOCOMO has launched a unique range of ‘DO Year’ E-greetings. The purpose of these E-greetings is to introduce a cheeky and refreshing way of wishing each other this ‘DO Year’. The inspiration for the ‘DO Year’ concept came out of the philosophy behind respecting the power of ‘DO’ in an individual. The objective was to urge people to shun their old habits and to transform into ‘DO’ers this ‘DO Year’.
 Some of the E-greetings have been contributed by the participants of the recently concluded ‘CREATE DO Year Animation’ and ‘DO Year E-greetings’ contests hosted on TATA DOCOMO’S CREATE Platform. As a tribute to their ‘DO’ spirit, TATA DOCOMO has decided to take the DO Year E-Greetings concept to a bigger platform, by collaborating with Not only will the DO Year E-greetings be showcased on the website, but 123greetings has also decided to ad the official TATA DOCOMO tune to its list of E-greeting tunes. This is another way Tata Docomo is trying to get more Brand Awareness in India after launching the Pay Per Second Billing.

Below is a sample of the E-greetings for this New Year :

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