Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How to Find your Lost Apple iPhone or Apple iPod?

How to Find your Lost Apple iPhone or Apple iPod?

If you are worried about losing your costly Apple iPhone or iPod Touch then here is a App which can help you out. Called as iHound, this is a Paid App which is offered by Daveworld Inc at a cost of 2.99$.
It offers you with multiple notification systems like the Push Notification which allows you to send a Notification to the new owner of your Apple iPhone with a message of your choice. You can either compose a new text message or else send one of the pre-existing template along with the sound of your choice for full 30 seconds at high volume. Next when the new owner would move the slider to Unlock the iPhone, you will be sent with the current location of the iPhone using which you can track him down easily. This way you can continuously monitor his new location and at the same time the new owner has no idea about this, totally working in stealth mode.
Next ways is using the Passcode Lock, in which the iHound Application would be continuosly transmitting your iPhone’s Location at the same time asking the user to Enter a PassCode to get access to the iPhone. This means that if the handset is lost, you can instantly lock it and also display a spoof screen. The best part is that with the Notifications Option Enabled you can directly send custom messages to the new iPhone owner and request them to return the lost handset for some amount of fees. Just search for iHound in the Apple iTunes Store.

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