Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Apple iPhone Sold Out in India – Sales Marketing Strategy?

Apple iPhone Sold Out in India – Sales Marketing Strategy?

Apple iPhone is currently available in India through 2 companies legally ie Bharti Airtel & Vodafone but recently while going through one of these i found that the Apple iPhone is not available for sale and the reason for this? Well the site says Sold Out which means that there isnt sufficient Stocks available and new Stocks would be available soon. Based on previous polls in which i asked my readers if they would be looking to buy a Apple iPhone in India, i did find that buying one here is seriously going to cost them double the money which is the main reason they would be getting a US or UK Handset and Unlock it in order to use it with any GSM SIM Card. Apple iPhone would cost 31000Rs in India while the same costs around 50% in the Western Countries

If you check out the Vodafone website then you will be finding the above Image which i personally feel is a marketing strategy. This is because both Airtel & Vodafone are having not many sales as much expected in India when compared to other countries, hence instead of having a website with almost no sales, news saying that the stocks are not available would make the consumers feel that there is quite a good amount of demands which is the reason the stocks are out. Though smart consumers do know the right ways in acquiring these handsets at the best prices. Lets wait and watch what vodafone has to say about this No Stocks Strategy which is something Auto Companies like Honda has been doing for their two wheeler Activa.

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