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Fable II

Fable II

Fable II is the highly anticipated sequel to the wildly successful original that sold more than three million copies, offering even more choices and building on the core gameplay theme of Fable, where your every decision continually defines who you become. This action role-playing game (RPG) allows you to live the life you choose in the newly expanded open world of Albion. Set 500 years after the original, Fable II delivers an epic story and innovative real-time gameplay, including a massive amount of freedom and choice to explore a vast collection of dungeons, catacombs, and taverns in the world of Albion.

Choices, consequences: Fable II expands upon the scope and depth of the pc classic by creating a wider, more complex kingdom of limitless choices and consequences. Players can play as a man or woman, get married, have children, and live a life of their own design—all leading to different consequences.

A land far, far away: Revisit the newly expanded world of Albion more than 500 years after the events of the original, where you are free to openly roam the countryside. For the right price, every house, hut, dungeon, and castle is for sale. See how the world grows and changes in incredible and unique ways in response to your decisions, as you rediscover Albion as if for the first time.

Fight with ease: The new combat system allows players to truly master hand weapons such as swords and maces, ranged combat weapons including crossbows and guns, and an entirely new magic system. Mix combat styles and become everything from a master swordsman to a skilled ranger to an evil magic wielder, each utilizing a different single button on the gamepad controller.

A hero's best friend: Your canine companion acts as friend, compass and protector. Feed your pooch and he will love you unconditionally, creating a bond that sets up emotion-filled journeys throughout the magical world.

Experience the world together: For the first time in any next-generation RPG game, experience the expansive and immersive world with friends, using the new and exciting Dynamic Co-op Mode, bringing the long-awaited multiplayer function to the world of Fable II.

External mini-games earn in-game gold: Lionhead Studios Ltd. provides an unprecedented experience to gamers through window live Arcade. Start earning in-game currency for Fable II later this year, even before the game's release to retail, by downloading and playing an window live Arcade title consisting of three mini-games

click here to download Fable II free full version

Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3

Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 delivers an extreme 3D fighting experience, improving upon last year’s game with over 150 playable characters, enhanced fighting techniques, beautifully refined effects and shading techniques, making each character's effects more realistic, and over 20 battle stages. In addition, an improved control system for the pc will allow players to easily mimic signature moves and execute devastating energy attacks as they are performed in the Dragon Ball Z animated series.

Dragon Ball Z®: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 takes the lightning fast fighting, flying and action that madeits predecessor, DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 2, last year’s #1 fighting game and takes it to a whole new level with exciting new features.

  • Disc Fusion System for exclusive game modes
  • 10 Game modes
  • Over 150 characters
  • Over 20 destructible battle stages
  • More than 10 types of AI balancing for your opponents
  • 1-2 players
click here to download Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 free full version

Ready to see if your Sun sign will shine in 2010?

Ready to see if your Sun sign will shine in 2010?

From your career path to your amorous adventures to just life in general, takes a good, long look at what the stars have in store for you this year! Click on your Sun sign below to get started with your 2010 Yearly Overview, and then check out the stellar insights into Your Career in 2010 and Your Romantic Life in 2010. Here’s to a cosmic time in the coming year!
Log on to :

Create AllTop Popurls Clone with Free Wordpress Theme

Create AllTop Popurls Clone with Free Wordpress Theme

Many Bloggers are fans of websites like AllTop & which are mainly news aggregators – which means that you can find links to the latest news from different sources at a single website. Many people keep buying scripts like AllTop Clone, Popurls Clone but here is one Wordpress Theme which gives you almost same features as the original websites called as the OneNews theme. It is currently available in two variants ie one free with limited features and one with paid version which comes with all the features.

Features of One News Wordpress Theme :
  • Easily create a single-page news aggregator like Popurls or multiple-pages news aggregator like Alltop
  • Widgets Ready Homepage – easily add and arrange feed blocks without touching any codes
  • 4 unique widgets available 
  1. textRSS: for normal text feeds
  2. photoRSS: for Flickr feeds
  3. videoRSS: for Youtube, Metacafe and Dailymotion feeds
  4. HTML: for any php or html code, including javascript (easily add banners or adsense)
  • Browsing tools: resize text, toogle background color and social media sharing 
  • Inline Video Player for Youtube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Yahoo Videos 
  • Option to open link in new or current window, Option for dofollow or nofollow feed links 
  • Optional 3-column widget-ready bottombar, Optional sideblog, Robust SimplePie RSS 
  • Built-in cache, No plugins required, Threaded & paged comments ready for WP 2.x 
  • Gravatar support, Works on Wordpress v2.5 and above, Tested on IE6/7, Firefox, Opera, Safari
  • XHTML & CSS Validated & PDF setup guide

You can easily configure the theme in the way you want to and generally it comes with 3 columns feature. You need to just enter the Feed Links in different pages you create and the feed information would be automatically fetched and updated. You can download the free version at the moment but you can check out the website for the paid version in case you are interested in buying a copy of the same. Do check out our related article which is on a Orkut Clone Script called Dolphin.

Touch Carrom Game for Apple iPhone – Review

Touch Carrom Game for Apple iPhone – Review

Touch carrom is a simple and cool carrom board application for iPhone, for those carrom players who would love to use the same fingers, not just in the real big board but in this small gadget with the sleek touch interface gaming experience.
Nothing new or different from the original board gaming, but the only difference you see is that you won’t need to use any force of your fingers. Just a small feather touch is enough to make the striker move, and hit the other carrom-men (coins).

First experience – If you have ever played carrom board game or snooker on your computer, you should be easily playing this too. Its the same way, drag the striker on the board line of your side, hit to set it first. Then slide your finger from the striker to a bit far away behind it, in the opposite direction and move left or right – This will set the direction of the striker and the force with which the striker is going to be hit. The farther you slide your finger from the striker, the higher the force set is.

But the problem i faced was, that after everything is set correctly, a slight single touch on the board did not make the striker make a move. There can be 2 reasons for this – Either my iPhone was slow, or there was a problem with the adjustment of the game with the touch interface of the phone. Either way, its a disadvantage. If it doesn’t run in phones with slower speeds, then I don’t recommend you to use it if you are having loads of apps already, and phone is experiencing any hangs while usage of any apps. The game still would be slow for a few minutes in the beginning, in any iPhone, so don’t panic if it isn’t at good speed when you start playing for the first time.

Still, I tried various ways to find out how to make the striker move after a touch, and the best was to give a 1-2 second touch near the center of the board and then the projected striker goes in the direction which was set. Playing the game is easy, if you can set the direction and know the game of carroms!

Its a cool game but has problems just in the beginning. If you get used to it for some time, then you would have a good time enjoying it later. The same 9-9-1 set game, available in both Single player and Multiplayer option. You can play either a quick board, or a full match.
You can set your names, and set the sound and vibrations.

A few rules of the game are:

  • The player who would start the game (randomly set by the app, either you or the computer) will have the white carrommen.
  • A match is won by best of three games, and a game won by either getting 25 points or best of the 8 boards, whichever comes first.
  • A carromman gets 1 point, and queen gets 3 points.
  • Queen’s points are counted only if you finally win the game, or else the points are canceled.
  • You lose one carromman if you pocket the striker, and if the striker is pocketed in the start of the game, the carromman is due till you score one later.

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Tata Docomo Happy Do Year E-Greetings

Tata Docomo Happy Do Year E-Greetings

TATA DOCOMO has launched a unique range of ‘DO Year’ E-greetings in association with! This is a first of its kind move by a telecom company in India. In its efforts to co-create the brand together with the community, TATA DOCOMO has launched a unique range of ‘DO Year’ E-greetings. The purpose of these E-greetings is to introduce a cheeky and refreshing way of wishing each other this ‘DO Year’. The inspiration for the ‘DO Year’ concept came out of the philosophy behind respecting the power of ‘DO’ in an individual. The objective was to urge people to shun their old habits and to transform into ‘DO’ers this ‘DO Year’.
 Some of the E-greetings have been contributed by the participants of the recently concluded ‘CREATE DO Year Animation’ and ‘DO Year E-greetings’ contests hosted on TATA DOCOMO’S CREATE Platform. As a tribute to their ‘DO’ spirit, TATA DOCOMO has decided to take the DO Year E-Greetings concept to a bigger platform, by collaborating with Not only will the DO Year E-greetings be showcased on the website, but 123greetings has also decided to ad the official TATA DOCOMO tune to its list of E-greeting tunes. This is another way Tata Docomo is trying to get more Brand Awareness in India after launching the Pay Per Second Billing.

Below is a sample of the E-greetings for this New Year :

Apple iPhone Sold Out in India – Sales Marketing Strategy?

Apple iPhone Sold Out in India – Sales Marketing Strategy?

Apple iPhone is currently available in India through 2 companies legally ie Bharti Airtel & Vodafone but recently while going through one of these i found that the Apple iPhone is not available for sale and the reason for this? Well the site says Sold Out which means that there isnt sufficient Stocks available and new Stocks would be available soon. Based on previous polls in which i asked my readers if they would be looking to buy a Apple iPhone in India, i did find that buying one here is seriously going to cost them double the money which is the main reason they would be getting a US or UK Handset and Unlock it in order to use it with any GSM SIM Card. Apple iPhone would cost 31000Rs in India while the same costs around 50% in the Western Countries

If you check out the Vodafone website then you will be finding the above Image which i personally feel is a marketing strategy. This is because both Airtel & Vodafone are having not many sales as much expected in India when compared to other countries, hence instead of having a website with almost no sales, news saying that the stocks are not available would make the consumers feel that there is quite a good amount of demands which is the reason the stocks are out. Though smart consumers do know the right ways in acquiring these handsets at the best prices. Lets wait and watch what vodafone has to say about this No Stocks Strategy which is something Auto Companies like Honda has been doing for their two wheeler Activa.

Automatically Tweet Latest Blog Posts via FeedBurner Socialize

Automatically Tweet Latest Blog Posts via FeedBurner Socialize

Google Feedburner which is a 100% Free Service and a Real boon for the blogger has added a new feature called ‘Socialize’ which would allow you to connect your feed with the social websites. Normally Feedburner allows you to distribute your content through multiple channels like email, feed readers etc now offering you to do the same through Social Networks like Twitter where in your latest blog post links would be published and your subscribers or followers can read them. Since Twitter allows only 140 characters in the Tweets, Feedburner allows you to customize your automated tweets in multiple options.
First of all in order to get started you need to visit to the Publicize option under your Feed Details and then click on the Services > Socialize. Next you will have to Authorize your Twitter Account, by clicking on the button which says ‘Add a Twitter account’ following which you will be redirected to a new window asking you to Enter your Twitter Logins and Allow/Deny Access. Once the Authorization is completed you will be able to find your Twitter Account Listed on the same page. Next you need to configure the Formatting Options which are generally dependable on personal choice.
You can Either show the Title of your Blog Post or also Suffix the first few words to it by Selecting the ‘Title & Body’ option though its not recommended to use the second option because it would have a maximum of 5-10 words which wont make your tweet meaningful. Next its recommended to select the Hash Tahs option which would add a # Tag prefixed to your Category Name under which the Blog Post was Published. I have attached a screenshot below for my current settings which can give you a idea on how to configure them.

Thats it, now whenever you Publish a New Blog you will find the same tweeted in your Twitter Account.

How to Setup Password Protected Private Membership Blog?

How to Setup Password Protected Private Membership Blog?

Recently one of my friend sent me a email saying that he was looking to convert his current blog into a Private Blog where in the current look and everything else would be the same but only people who have registered for a User Account can get access to it. The idea behind this is that he wants to make sure that visitors cannot read all his content directly because he writes some excellent stories and the membership way he can build a membership based website too to whom he can send emails regularly.
The answer to this question is that, its easily possible to setup a Private Membership Based Blog in Wordpress using the options which come within the CMS. First of all you need to need to Lock your Complete Blog from visitors direct access and for this you need to edit some wordpress files and permissions, but there is one wordpress plugin called as ‘Members Only.

Members Only is a WordPress plugin that allows you to make your blog only viewable to visitors that are logged in. If a visitor is not logged in, they will be redirected either to the WordPress login page or a page of your choice. Once logged in they can be redirected back to the page that they originally requested. You can also protect your feeds whilst allowing registered user access to them by using Feed Keys. Checking the Members Only option below will make your blog only viewable to users that are logged in. If a visitor is not logged in, they will be redirected to the WordPress login page or a page that you can specify. Once logged in they can be redirected back to the page that they originally requested if you choose to.

Members Only can also protect your blog’s feeds either by requiring a user to be logged in, or using Feed Keys. Feed Keys are unique 32bit keys that are created for every user on your site. This allows each user on your site to access your feeds using their own unique URL, so you can protect your feeds whilst still allowing your users to use other methods, such as feed readers, to access your feeds. Your users can also find their Feed Key in their profile page, and you can allow them to reset their Feed Keys if you choose.
Once you activate the settings you will have option to Redirect the Visitor to either the Login Page or any Specific Page. Once the visitor logges in you can redirect them to the Front Page of the Blog giving them access to everything. This is a excellent option available in the Members Only Plugin Options which you need to setup one time. Thats it this option gives you a complete private blog with access to only members.

There is one final setting to be configured which would allow you to enable visitors to become a part of your blog by registering, and for this you need to go to Wordpress Dashboard > General Settings > Membership > Anyone Can Register. Click on the Checkbox to Yes and thats it you have completed the whole process.

Jailbreak and Unlock iPhone 3.1.2 Download Firmware 2G 3G 3GS OS

Jailbreak and Unlock iPhone 3.1.2 Download Firmware 2G 3G 3GS OS

The latest version of the Appe iPhone OS is 3.1.2 which can be easily Unlocked and Activated if the right process is implemented. There are many iPhone users who have a fear of not getting successful in Unlocking the 3.1.2 version from their current 3.0 & 3.1.1 because of which they wont be able to run any of the latest available Apple iPhone Apps. We have already written multiple guides on Unlocking and Hacking your iPhones as shown below which can useful to you in case you want to upgrade to some of the older versions.

Its perfectly safe to Update your Apple iPhone to Firmware 3.1.2 and then Unlock it because the total process is damn easy now. Instead of Updating your iPhone through your iTunes Application its recommended that you should download the below mentioned ipsw files for your handset based on the current configuration and then proceed towards the Unlocking Procedure. You will find 2 different sets for each version of iPhone starting from the iPhone 2G to 3G & 3GS. The details would be given just above the download links and you need to carefully select and download the right set which are hosted by someone through Rapidshare.

Apple iPhone 3GS ipsw – Under Official iPhone Contract CDMA
 Apple iPhone 3GS ipsw – No iPhone Contact GSM
 Apple iPhone 3G ipsw – Under Official iPhone Contract CDMA

Apple iPhone 3G ipsw – No iPhone Contact GSM

Apple iPhone 2G ipsw – Under Official iPhone Contract CDMA
Apple iPhone 2G ipsw – No iPhone Contact GSM

Next based on your iPhone Model you would have downloaded 2 files which you need to join using file splitting program like hjsplit, which works in both ways ie splitting and joining large files. Once this process is done you will get a single .ipsw file which should be restored through iTunes. In order to implement this you need to do the following process.
Launch iTunes and then Turn Off your iPhone after which you need to make your iPhone into DFU Mode. Press the Power & Home Button for 10 Seconds and then leave the Power Button and continue pressing the Home Button following which you will find a message on iTunes saying that it has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. Click OK and then you will find a option to Restore your iPhone. Instead of clicking on the Restore Button directly, press Shift & Restore Button, following which you will be asked to select the right ipsw file. Select the downloaded ipsw file and the process would start updating your iPhone’s Operating System. Following this you need to read our next article on unlocking using PwnageTool, BlackSn0w, BlackRa1n etc.

Google Nexus One N1 Specs Features Photos

Google Nexus One N1 Specs Features Photos

Google Phone is rolling out the Nexus One[N1] Phone in January 2010 and here are some of the details which most of you have been waiting for. Here are some details which we found on multiple web blogs and news websites merged up to make you understand whats really going to come in the Jan. The buzz created for this handset is really enormous and most other manufacturers would just be dreaming for this because Google markets its products in such a way that people keep waiting for the launch day.

Features & Specs :
  • 3.7 inch WVGA AMOLED touchscreen display
  • Android 2.1
  • HSDPA 7.2Mbps, HSUPA 2Mbps
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon (QSD 8250) processor at 1GHz
  • 4 illuminated softkeys (Back, Menu, Home, Search)
  • Tri-color charging and notification LED
  • Haptic feedback
  • Accelerometer
  • Light sensor
  • Proximity sensor
  • A-GPS 
  • Digital compass
  • Wi-Fi
  • 3.5mm headset jack
  • Active noise cancellation
  • 5MP camera with autofocus, LED flash, geotagging and 2x digital zoom
  • Stereo Bluetooth 2.1 (A2DP, EDR)
  • 512MB Flash memory
  • 512MB RAM 
  • 4GB MicroSD card included (supports cards up to 32GB) 
  • MicroUSB 
  • Height: 119 mm
  • Width: 59.8 mm
  • Depth: 11.5 mm 
  • Weight: 130 grams (1400 mAh battery included) 
  • Teflon-coated back cover   

How to Find your Lost Apple iPhone or Apple iPod?

How to Find your Lost Apple iPhone or Apple iPod?

If you are worried about losing your costly Apple iPhone or iPod Touch then here is a App which can help you out. Called as iHound, this is a Paid App which is offered by Daveworld Inc at a cost of 2.99$.
It offers you with multiple notification systems like the Push Notification which allows you to send a Notification to the new owner of your Apple iPhone with a message of your choice. You can either compose a new text message or else send one of the pre-existing template along with the sound of your choice for full 30 seconds at high volume. Next when the new owner would move the slider to Unlock the iPhone, you will be sent with the current location of the iPhone using which you can track him down easily. This way you can continuously monitor his new location and at the same time the new owner has no idea about this, totally working in stealth mode.
Next ways is using the Passcode Lock, in which the iHound Application would be continuosly transmitting your iPhone’s Location at the same time asking the user to Enter a PassCode to get access to the iPhone. This means that if the handset is lost, you can instantly lock it and also display a spoof screen. The best part is that with the Notifications Option Enabled you can directly send custom messages to the new iPhone owner and request them to return the lost handset for some amount of fees. Just search for iHound in the Apple iTunes Store.

Setup US iTunes Account in 5 Mins – Redeem iPhone Promo Codes

Setup US iTunes Account in 5 Mins – Redeem iPhone Promo Codes

Whenever you receive a Free Promo Code to test or try out any iPhone App, you will be locked with a problem which says that you cannot do this because your account is not from US and hence the Promo Code cannot be redeemed. Here is a quick way to solve this problem and this does work. In order to get started you need to first Signout of your iTunes Account and then on the right side of your iTunes you would find a section called ‘Quick Links’ under which there is a link called as ‘Redeem’. Click on this – Next Enter the 12 Characters AlphaNumeric Code in the Box and click on Redeem. After this the iTunes would ask you to Login or Register for a New Account. Click on the Signup for New Account option and follow the process below.

Next the iTunes Store threw a big list of Terms & Conditions to accept after which it was asking for Email Address, Password[twice], forgot Password Question & Answer along with the Date of Birth. Next is the most important section where in you will be asked to select the Payment Mode but since you are not from US and are looking for a account to just get access, you can select the Payment Option as None along with some of your relatives US Address and Phone Number.


This kind of account will be allowing you to just Redeem any iPhone Promo Codes you receive and also get access to the Free Apps available in the iTunes Store. Also you dont need a Credit Card for setting up a US Based iTunes Account and this does work. Let me know if you find any issues with this.

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Keeping Your Blog Secure

Keeping Your Blog Secure

While October is to many a month of candy and costumes, it also happens to be National Cyber Security Awareness Month in the U.S. In that spirit, we thought we'd take a minute to look at a few different things you can do to make sure both your content and account are secure on Blogger.

Third Party Code

Adding site counters, templates, and other third-party code to your blog can be a great way to add some flare to your content, but can also leave your blog vulnerable to malicious activity if you aren't familiar with its source.

Over the years we've seen a number of third party scripts disguise themselves as helpful add-ons, when in fact they are performing a malicious operation behind the scenes. For example, a site counter widget may indeed be providing your blog with helpful tracking data, but at the same time may also be discreetly sending that information to advertisers for the purpose of collecting the online habits of your readers. A blog template you downloaded from a third party site might include pop-up ads or links to dangerous sites that install malware on visitor's computers.

The good news though is that most of the add-ons you will run across are perfectly legitimate. To protect yourself from the small minority of add-ons that are nefarious, we've put together a few tips to keep in mind when adding third party code to your blog: 

Take a moment to review the code and look for anything that seems out of place. For example, if you are adding a weather gadget to your blog and notice in the code that there are links pointing to unrelated sites, take that as a red flag and keep searching for another weather gadget. There is no reason that a weather gadget should include a snippet like Make Money Online!

Before saving new template code, always preview first. Malicious template designers may sometimes include pop-ups or other unexpected ads in the template code, which will usually be revealed with a quick preview. If anything unexpected shows up in the preview, go ahead and discard the new code by clicking Clear Edits.

Backup your template! Whenever making significant changes to your blog's template, it's always a good idea to backup your content beforehand just in case you need to reverse changes.

You can easily do this from the Layout | Edit HTML tab by clicking the Download Full Template link and saving the .XML file to your hard drive. You'll then be able to revert back to this downloaded version by clicking the Upload button, also right under the Layout | Edit HTML tab.

Look first to 'trusted' code repositories for a new template or widget. There are probably thousands of places across the web where you can find widget and template code, but it may be helpful to first check out some of the more widely known and trusted sources.

For templates, we've actually done a bit of scouting work already and collected a handful of great resources laid out in this Buzz post from earlier in the year. That collection comes from a number of well-established designers, and should provide plenty of secure template options to dig though.


Finally we thought it's worth touching on another security area which has proven problematic for some bloggers in the past, and that is your blog's Permissions settings.

Almost every day our support team receives reports from users who've been locked out of their own blog, the result of giving admin privileges to an unfamiliar blogger. Remember, you can always add more authors to your blog, but only extend admin privileges if you absolutely trust the person.

For more information about National Cyber Security Awareness Month, please check the page as well as the security series on the Official Google blog.

Post to Blogger with Google Sidewiki

Post to Blogger with Google Sidewiki

Last week, Google Sidewiki launched to the world as an entirely new way to share information across the web. This new Google Toolbar feature allows you to contribute your own insight to any webpage, as well as read information shared by others right in your browser's sidebar.

Google Sidewiki uses a special relevancy algorithm to display the most helpful entries first, and also has built-in technology to display your entries on other sites which contain the same snippet of text. For a more in-depth look at how it all works, as well as a full overview of all the features that Google Sidewiki has to offer, the team put together a very helpful page which you can check out here.

One feature in particular did catch our attention here on the Blogger team, and that is the ability to post your Google Sidewiki entires directly to your blog. You can watch a quick video tutorial of how it all works below:

So if you haven't already, download the Google Toolbar and give Sidewiki a try. As you come up with new ideas, submit them on the Sidewiki product ideas page!

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Call of Duty : Modern warfare 2

Call of Duty : Modern warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2, the most-anticipated game of the year and the sequel to the best-selling first-person action game of all time, Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfare®. Modern Warfare 2 continues the gripping and heart-racing action as players face off against a new threat dedicated to bringing the world to the brink of collapse.

Acclaimed developer Infinity Ward brings you Modern Warfare 2, the sequel to the best-selling shooter of all-time, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Also known as: Call of Duty 6 [working title] Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 2.

Major Modern Warfare 2 Details :
  • Vehicles will be in MW2
  • M16 will return, using stopping power will only be OK at head, neck, and torso (abdomen, limbs, and hands/feet will not)
  • Ak47 and M4 will return, unknown if there are any changes
  • M40 will return, ACOG damage boost will be fixed
  • Scorpion, P90, M21, R700, G3, G360 will not return
  • There are more unknown weapons that will not return
  • New sniper rifle: SR25M (United states forces)
  • New Assault rifle: Diemeco C8 (Canadian forces M4 equivelant)
  • New Assault rifle: L85A2 (United Kingdom forces)
  • Total weapons in multiplayer are said to be around 35
  • Favourite Modern Warfare maps will return maybe including overgrown
  • Helicopters, air strikes, UAV will return
  • Red dot sightings will come in different shapes for multiplayer (circular, square, original)
  • Snipers will have special grass camouflage (As seen in Modern warfare 1’s campaign)
  • All perks will return from MW except easedrop and others will be altered
  • All gametypes will return from MW and all will have hardcore versions
  • New gametype: Secure (Call of duty version of capture the flag, however you capture the enemy’s Intel)
  • New gametype unconfirmed name, similar to search and destroy, however instead of trying to plant a bomb, you try to kill a specified enemy
  • Solider customization for each class (and each country)
  • Sniper with silencers will NOT be in multiplayer
  • There are NO bots in local multiplayer
  • Similar version to Nazi Zombies, however details are unknown
  • NO guest players online, 1 player per console
  • Killcam save feature
  • There is blood and gore
  • Online Co-op Only
  • Story takes place in the Middle East
  • Role as US Marines return
  • Ken Lally voice work in campaign
  • New army tags will be available to add different elements in campaign (similar to halo skulls)
  • Campaign-only weapons

System Requirements:
  • Pentium 4 3.2 GHz
  • graphic card 256 MB (GeForce 6600 GT or better)
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 12 GB HDD
  • Windows XP/Vista/7

 click here to download call of duty Modern warfare 2 free full version

    Automatic site translation and more in Google Sites

    Automatic site translation and more in Google Sites

    Just in time for the holidays, Googl had added three new additions to Google Sites. First, they had integrated Google Sites with the Google Translate element. Now, visitors to your Google Site with a different language setting than your site can hit the translate button on the bottom right of the page to translate the whole site to the language of their choice. Try it out for yourself. 


    Unable to load [Before.png]


     Unable to load [After.png]

    Second, PDFs attached to pages and file cabinets can now be previewed in the Google Docs viewer. As we've mentioned before here and here, the Google Docs viewer is a good alternative to downloading a file.

    Lastly, you can set a default location for a page template. This makes it simpler for you to keep the pages of your site organized. For example, if you have a recipe template in your family site, set /recipes/ as default location for pages created from that template so all your recipes show up together within your site.

    We hope you enjoy these new additions to Google Sites.

    How to Send attachments while offline

    How to Send attachments while offline                                                

    One of the most requested features for Offline Gmail has been the ability to include attachments in messages composed while offline. Starting today, attachments work just the way you would expect them to whether you are online or offline (with the exception that when you're offline you won't be able to include inline images). Just add the attachment and send your message.

    If you have Offline Gmail enabled, you'll notice that all your mail now goes through the outbox, regardless of whether you're online or offline. This allows Gmail to capture all attachments, even if you suddenly get disconnected from network. If you're online, your mail will quickly be sent along to its destination.

    If you haven't tried offline access yet, visit the Labs tab and follow these instructions to get started:
    • Select Enable next to Offline Gmail.
    • Click Save Changes.
    • After your browser reloads, you'll see a new "Offline" link in the upper righthand corner of the Gmail page, next to your username. Click this link to start the offline set up process and download Gears if you don't already have it.
    Now that you can send attachments while offline, we'd love to see pictures of you using Gmail in unusual places while you're disconnected from the web. Pictures of you using Gmail in an airplane, igloo, or submarine are all welcome.

    Sunday, December 13, 2009

    Google Chrome Extension to Take Screen Capture Easily

    Google Chrome Extension to Take Screen Capture Easily

    Google Chrome Extensions are publicly launched and now there are numerous options to install on your Chrome Browser which can not only help you but also increase your work productivity. While there are several options for taking website screenshots like Screenshot Captor, Grab Them All, Screengrab for Firefox & all of which mostly work for the Firefox Browser and also need to be installed on your computer. But now with the Google Chrome Extensions you can also install a excellent extension by avairy called as the Aviary Screen Capture

    You can check out how to Install Chrome Extension and then download it from this url. It adds a small icon near the address bar on the browser as shown below.

    Next you need to open the web page you want to take a screenshot of using the address bar and then click on the small avairy extension button, which clicked would give you the following options.

    Next click on the Capture Visible Portion of the Page option which would open a new tab on your Chrome Browser and would show you some basic Image editing options and also a option to Save the Image File to your computer. Thats it, you have successfully taken a screenshot of a Online web page easily.

    Saturday, December 12, 2009

    How does fragmentation affect your PC and why is prevention so important?

    How does fragmentation affect your PC and why is prevention so important?

    Diskeeper® 2010 performance software is finally here. It can do what no other software can — PREVENT fragmentation before it ever happens.The whole purpose of a computer is to complete complicated tasks fast, but unless disk fragmentation is effeciently eliminated, your PC will continue to slow down regardless of the amount of RAM or storage space added to it.

    How does fragmentation affect your PC?

    When fragmentation occurs, your PC wastes precious resources by writing fragmented files to the disk. When this happens, it adversely affects the access and write speed of that hard disk, steadily corrupting computer performance causing PC slows, lags and crashes. Because all computers suffer from fragmentation, this is a critical issue to resolve.

    Why is fragmentation prevention so important?

    By preventing up to 85% of all disk fragmentation, Diskeeper 2010 with new IntelliWrite™ fragmentation prevention technology resolves this issue. When you want to speed up your PC, fragmentation prevention is far and away the most efficient solution. Immediately your computer saves all the resources that would have been wasted writing fragmented files to a disk. For prior fragmentation and for the slight amount that isn’t prevented, Diskeeper has powerful defrag engines that automatically and invisibly handle it — without any effort on your part.
    Nothing comes close to Diskeeper 2010!

    A few of the benefits of Diskeeper 2010 Home:
    • Prevents up to 85% of fragmentation from ever happening.
    • Dramatically improves Windows® system performance.
    • Increases file read and write speeds.
    • Greatly reduces drive wear.
    • Reduces energy consumption and system cooling requirements.
    • Allows for faster antivirus and spyware scans.
    • Increases system speed and efficiency.

    Tuesday, December 8, 2009

    Skip RapidShare Download Limits & Waiting Timer

    Skip RapidShare Download Limits & Waiting Timer

    Everyone seems to be downloading more from rapidshare and less from other download services like Megashare, Megaupload etc and this is because its one of the best service which offers two modes – one free and second one paid in which you dont have to wait for downloading your files and you get the speedy servers which would allow you to download the files quickly. Now while you need to download a small bunch of files iam sure you wont be interested in buying a new paid account which is why iam going to tell you a small trick which would allow you to skip the rapidshare timer and also the download limits.

    There are many programs which work as Rapidshare download managers but this one seems to be the best one because it allows you to download multiple files at once from Rapidshare. Basically it uses multiple proxy servers and starts downloading the files and works with both & hosted files. You dont have to pay anything for the software because its totally free and since its a download manager in itself, you dont have to load links one by one and start downloadingmultiple files at once. So dont start searching for any other tool and grab the grabber now.

    Saturday, December 5, 2009

    Consume Less Energy with Solar Mobile Phones Chargers

    Consume Less Energy with Solar Mobile Phones Chargers

    Typically, cell phone chargers have to be plugged in to an outlet in your home or your office to get them charged. The electricity the charger takes isn’t free. Not only do you have to pay your service provider, you have to pay the electric company to keep it functioning. You can charge your cell phone battery pretty much anywhere if your cell phone dies. With a solar cell phone charger, you also have the capability of charging it outdoors. You do need sunlight to start the process, but most solar cell phone chargers come with a storage device so that you can charge your cell phone even in the middle of the night.

    Of course, there are a few questions posed by the idea of a Solar Cell phone Charger. Perhaps most importantly, How does the solar cell phone charger work? Quite simply, instead of relying on the energy companies, the Sun itself will charge the battery for you. Solar chargers can hold on to their charge for up to a year.

    Other things you need to consider before purchasing a Solar Cell Phone Charger:

    • How much energy could I save in Kilowatt hours each year using a solar cell phone charger? Most cell phone chargers use approximately 1 watt per day. Although that does not sound like much up front, it does add up. Cell phone chargers in combined right now average enough usage to power 100,000 homes per day.
    • How much time does a solar charger require to fully charge a cell phone? On average, you will need about 3 hours of direct sunlight to charge the 2 Watt Solar charger, or 30 minutes if you have an 18 Watt version.
    • What are the best solar cell phone chargers? There are two that are recommended the most frequently. The first is the iSun which comes with 2 Watts of energy output and is convenient for long road trips. The other is the Solio Classic which combines both electricity and Solar Energy to charge the cell phone.
    • How much waste is produced by manufacturers who produce those “green” solar chargers? Although “Green” is the term of the year, many people have no idea how much waste is still produced in the manufacture of the Green Products. When it comes to transport, and raw materials, used to create them, it is sometimes worse.

    TuneUp Live Optimization – Priority for Background Processes

    TuneUp Live Optimization – Priority for Background Processes

    We can normally count the programs we use every day on one hand. But a typical Windows PC has numerous other programs running in the background, most of which we know nothing about. We only really notice them when the PC stops working at its full performance, suddenly stops working, and programs we are trying to work with just ‘freeze up’.

    The new Live Optimization feature from TuneUp Utilities – Version 2010 is the first complete tuning solution to offer protection against these background programs that eat up resources! And the best thing is: This protection is completely automatic, you don’t need to change the way you work or live without specific functions.

    What is TuneUp Live Optimization and what makes it so unique?

    TuneUp Live Optimization is a dynamic resource administration tool that focuses processor performance on the programs you are actually using. This means that TuneUp Utilities – Version 2010 runs a real-time analysis of the programs you are currently using and bundles the main performance of your PC for these programs. Background processes that eat up resources are automatically given lower priority.

    We’ve all experienced it: The program we are in the middle of using just freezes up! Suddenly, nothing works any more and the computer seems to be working too hard. It is at moments like these that you wish your computer had more processor power!

    But is a lack of processor power really the problem? Often not! It is all the background programs which have embedded themselves in the information area of thetaskbar, or those which are completely invisible, that really make computers slow and sluggish. These programs often want exactly the same PC resources that you are trying to use for your active applications. And this is exactly where TuneUp Live Optimization comes in: It has an intelligentsystem that recognizes when you want to open, for example, Word, and dynamically allocates more processor power for Word. So there is nothing stopping you from working quicker and more efficiently!

    Are you a PC professional? Would you like to try the effect of Live Optimization for yourself?

    Then download  PC Stress Test and see the positive effects for yourself. 

    The PC Stress Test tool simulates the load on your CPU from programs running in the background. First, make sure that TuneUp Live Optimization is switched off. Now open the PC Stress Test tool and click on “Start”. If you now open Word and attempt to open a document, you will notice that your computer is very sluggish, and it can take up to thirty seconds before you can start your work in Word.

    On the trail of the Eureka effect: Now do the same test again once you have ensured that TuneUp Utilities – Version 2010 is installed and Live Optimization is activated. You will notice how TuneUp Live Optimization dynamically assigns more resources to the correct programs and puts the programs that hog the resources in their place. Your programs start more quickly, even when the system is working hard, and run more smoothly. For more fun with your PC!