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LimeWire Review & Info Guide

LimeWire Review & Info Guide 

What is Limewire?Limewire Logo

Transferring files from the Internet to computers is not new. Pictures, games or video files are mostly on the card. But why is Limewire computer software application stealing the show? Limewire is a small, but popular Windows software founded to aid businesses and home users for free. Its enviable reputation for free use in varied versions is what makes it different.

Operating systems that use it are Windows Vista, Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows 98, and Windows 95 and there are no mind boggling requirements. This is the first rate version to download your music and pictures. Limewire brings the music store to your laptop and desktop computer. This is the easiest way for buying files than stealing. It’s because the source code is free. It runs on open protocol that is free to the public.

LimeWire Peer 2 Peer TransferYou can’t believe it but Limewire is perfect. It has that content to allow for different file sharing. Peer to peer networks are not shut down by Limewire application. In P2P, when you are downloading, it means you are downloading directly from another computer. But how do you download and install Limewire?

It is not a must to have all the platforms to use Limewire. The free download fits any of your choice. In other words, you can set up the download on Windows 95 if that’s what you have.

Click options menu before you embark on downloading. Select “tools” and “options” from the menu bar. Click on “sharing”, left-hand column and delete all those shared extensions. Shared connections slow down the Internet. Delete them to speed up your Internet connection.


Key in the file extensions, that is not in your computer. These are real media secure files that enables you to download Limewire. Select filters, left column to check the key words. Select ignore options on suspicious files. That adult content you smile at might be junk, so don’t waste your time. Circumvent them. Go to Limewire’s main screen and select type boxes. You’ll see, “documents, “audio”, “video” and more. Type the one you want and search. If the file is not on your network, a search result brings you nothing. Meaning? No user has launched the file you are looking for. Take a breather and search later because you can only download a file if another computer is open and are sharing a file you are searching for. But a search for Limewire doesn’t have this limitation. 

How to Download LimeWire?

Visit which is the official website of Limewire software. Limewire offers you with 2 versions which are – Limewire Pro which costs 34.95$ & Limewire Basic which is free. The main difference between these versions is that you get fastest speed while downloading files using Pro version along with better search results, more sources searched, reliable downloads, Built-in Media Player & Multiple Operating systems support.

Once you are the official website you have the option to download the Pro or Basic version based on your requirement after which get the direct download link which is a file around 15Mb. Once you start installing the Limewire application first Java is installed which can take up some time because its downloaded from the Java website and installed. While completing the installation process you are asked to ‘Agree with Some Legal Stuff’ which tells you that Limewire Basic/Pro is a peer-to-peer program for sharing authorized files only. Copyright Laws may forbid obtaining or distributing certain copyright content. Only once you agree to these Legal Terms you can continue using Limewire whose main Interface starts.

Can we Limit the Download Speeds?

Yes Limewire allows you to set up the download speed at while files can be downloaded to your computer. Under the Tools > Options you have a Menu named as Advanced > Transfers which allows you to select the maximum numbers of files you can download simultaneously and the option to ‘Limit your download bandwidth’ in the form of a progress bar, just slide it based on your requirement.

This can be a good option if you want to download files without interrupting your work by setting up 25-50% of your total bandwidth speed, with the balance speed available for your browsing. These same settings are available for File Uploads which is applicable when you are sharing your files stored on your computer. You can also select the Internet Connection Speed from Dial Up or Broadband/Cable Internet Connection.

How to Search in LimeWire?

Limewire offers you with a Search Box which can help you to search files from the whole Limewire network directly or else based on certain categories like Audio, Videos, Images, Documents & Programs. Once you Enter the Search Keyword in the Search Box, limewire starts searching for files and gives you a whole list of files which are available for instant download. The Search Results also offer you the number of P2P Users who are sharing these files, which means that these people have the same files on their Shared Folders of their computer. 

Limewire Search Results P2P

Selecting & Downloading Files in LimeWire?

Once all the search results are loaded in the LimeWire Interface you can find that the file name, P2P users total, File properties etc are loaded. You can right click on any of these files and download them. In case you find some useless file on this Peer 2 Peer Network you can right click on it and ‘Mark as Spam’. Only problem with these searches is that by default you will find many Adult Files in the search results and a lot of Spam files. Always Click on the Size option and ignore all the small sized files because these may be Spam files which can be harmful for your PC.

Is LimeWire Legal?

Many people keep asking this question if LimeWire is Illegal or Legal to use. Lets start thinking about this in detail. First of all the software Limewire is completely Legal if its downloaded from the official website and it allows users to download and share files. Limewire is a tool which helps you to share information in the form of files with other people who are also using the same software on their computer which is Legal job. Downloading & Sharing copyright files is completely illegal and breaks all the laws because you are downloading stuff for free which you should be paying for officially but are accessing/using it for free.

Are Limewire Files Safe & Secure?

Recently there were many questions erupting about the unsafe files available on the Limewire P2P network which can be dangerous for your computer. Some of the main problems with the content in this network is that – you may be sharing some of your private or protected files on your computer by mistake which can create big problems. There may be adult content downloaded to your computer unless you configure content filters in Limewire settings. Spywares or Virus may also get downloaded to your computer while downloading other files , hence its recommended to block files with .exe, .vbs, .lnk, .bat, .sys, or .com extension under the Content Filters.

Final Talk?

Limewire software is legal but the content you download through it may be illegal. Limewire is now offering DRM-free Legal Music which can be downloaded through the music store available at , the store has more than a million tracks in it with individual songs costing 0.99$ with different discounted plans for users who download many songs. The packages range like ‘Platinum Plan’ costing 20$ every month for 75 songs download. Limewire cannot tell you which files are Legal and which are Illegal, hence its upto you to decide it. You are the user, read all the rules and proceed towards the downloads.

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