Saturday, January 16, 2010

Download Portable VLC Media Player

Download Portable VLC Media Player

VLC Media player portable is an easy to use media player highly portable multi media player, that plays almost every audio and video formats like (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, XviD, WMV, mp3, Ogg, etc.,) as well as DVD’s, VCD’s, and various streaming protocols, anywhere you want to. It can be used by you as a server to stream uni cast as well as multicast either in IPv4 or in IPv6 with a high-bandwidth network. It is a familiar media player in these days used extensively by considerable number of users and it is a package under Portable app.

This portable player helps you to carry all and any of your audio as well as video files along with you where ever you go and you can play anytime on the go. You can record it on your portable devices such as USB flash drive, Portable Hard drive, iPod or on a CD and can used on any computer you may come across without leaving behind any information when removed.

The latest down loadable version available now is 1.0.1 for Windows and it is Multilingual. It will occupy only 20 MB of your space in your computer for downloading the software and 23-37 MB of your space for installation purposes. The publisher of this software is created by Mr. John T. Haller the recent update is on 28th of July 2009, It needs the following system to run on the computer It should be Windows 2000 or Windows XP or Windows Vista or the latest Windows 7 and VLC source is the launchers of this product.

Vlc Media Portable

Let us learn how to install VLC Portable Media player. The first steps is download the VLC portable package which is available at the top of the VLC portable page, and select the location in your computer to be installed then it is automatic, it will create the necessary directory and all the necessary files will be installed. You are done. How to start it? You have to double click VLCPortable.exe file from the place where you downloaded the program on our portable drive and now you are ready to use it as same as any other VLC you may use.

You have to keep in our mind some points in order to use this portable VLC Media player. First thing is you have to always stay safe, it is a good thought to practice Safe Portable App-ing before using.

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