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How to Play National Bingo Night India Rules Tips

How to Play National Bingo Night India Rules Tips

Abhishek Bachchan National Bingo NightNational Bingo Night was originally an American game show which was premiered on ABC with Host Ed Sanders on May 18, 2007 with a initial plan of 6 episodes. Later on this TV Show was canceled and was relaunched as Bingo America on GSN in October 2008 by Richard Karn. Now since India mostly follows America, but claims to always be the first while the launch, this time National Bingo Night is going to shown as a TV Show on Colors TV Channel from January 23, 2010 with the Host being none other than Abhishek Bachchan. The different members of the audience available in the studio would be attempting to win the game along with a solo contestant and all the live TV audience who are also considered as players and who have the maximum chances of winning it.

How to Play National Bingo Night : Each episode would be of 60minutes duration with two quick rounds played with the contestant playing a series of in-studio games all driven by the ball numbers 1-75. At the same time the whole country can play along with the studio contestant and try to cross out different numbers announced by the host and try to win the numbers game. You cannot reuse the same Game Ticket twice and its only available for specific games only.

Each of these games would be divided into two sections like Yellow Ticket Game & Green Ticket Game with the Host announcing the Game Number and the colour of the Ticket which has to be played in the beginning of the Game. While if you are a person who is planning to play the Game from your Home, then you should be circling the numbers announced by the host, so that they cannot be counted next. Normally when we play the Bingo Game at home, we would poke the pen into the numbers slots and try to win this, but since we can become a winner, its required not to put any pressure on the ticket and make it damaged. While the TV Show is ON you will be continuously updated with all the stricked numbers on the TV Screen.

In order to get started and play this game as a TV Contestant you need to first register through their Online website using this link, and then fill the whole form along with your correct details like Mobile Number, City, email address etc following which colorstv would send you a copy of the Bingo Tickets to your email address. Here is a detailed guide on How to Play, How to Win & How to Win Mega Jackpot at the National Bingo Night given clearly in the form of rules in the following image.

how to play bingo nights

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