Sunday, January 24, 2010

Check & Repair Dead Pixels in LCD Screens

Check & Repair Dead Pixels in LCD Screens

I had recently written a article on finding dead pixels on your LCD screen, and a reader questioned us if its possible to repair these dead pixels and the answer to this is that yes sometimes it is possible to repair them. On a LCD screen when you select a Screen resolution of 1280 by 800 pixels, its not just some numbers but its the numbers of pixels which would be shown on your screen. You need to think in the way 1280 small pixels are displayed aside to each other in 800 different rows. Overall there are a total of 1280×800 = 10,24,000 Pixels on your screen. Now iam sure it will be a very hard job for you to find those pixels which are gone dead. Each of these pixels are microscopic transistors which are generally not defective but because of some reasons they can go dead and its not really easy for you to fix these dead pixels normally.

Dead Pixels Finder

While you buy a New LCD screen its recommended to check out the Dead Pixels on it using the software called DPL which shows you with a small closeup photo of a dead pixel. You can click on the application while its running to change the colours of the screen and see if any pixels colour does not change, mark it as a dead one and stop poking on it trying to fix it.

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