Friday, January 8, 2010

Delete Files from Recycle Bin with BinManager

Delete Files from Recycle Bin with BinManager

Windows Recycle Bin helps you in easily deleting all the useless files from your computer and also keeps the files as a backup when you normally delete from your computer. This means that in a hurry you wold just delete any file and these are stored in a section in your computer called as the Recycle Bin. Now this system has been the same in most of the Windows Operating system but it would be better if you would manage the files deletion process using a small application called as the ‘Bin Manager‘. This is a software which would add a right-click context menu, with different options helping you to delete files on different time based intervals.

Features of BinManager :
  • You’re most likely to need to restore recently deleted items.
  • For large drives, you may want to maintain smaller recycle bins than the minimum 1% permitted by Windows.
  • Large recycle bins prolong the shutdown process.

You can use this application in two modes ie In Content Menu Mode or else along with Command Line. You will be given with options of today, yesterday, 2, 3, 7, or 30 days ago files deletion when you right click on your Recycle Bin folder. Hence, its a nice tool in case you are looking for automated or selective cleaning of useless files from your computer.

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