Friday, July 13, 2012

Telecommunications Terminology

channel medium through which information travels
receiver person or device that recieves information
source person or device that sends information
telecommunications transmissin of info. from one location to another by electronic means
BBS bulletin board system for posting messages
online directly connected to the CPU
modem device used to connect computer to telephone line
baud the speed of a communications channel
email electronic mail
password way to limit access to computer info.
ATM automated teller machine for banking transactions
EFT electronic funds transfer
Boolean search criteria where two or more conditions must be true for successful search
keywords words using in programming that instruct the computer to perform a function 
virus program designed to attach itself to other programs; it can damage data files and cause system failures
hacking persistent efforts to use a computer to gain illegal or unauthorized entry to another computer system
phonefraud illegal use of telephones or lines to avoid charges
satellite earth-orbiting man-made object off of which telecommunicatin signals and computer data are bounced
network system of linked computers and other devices that allows computers to share and exchange info.
SIG Special Interest Group--group of people with common interests who share info. about their interests on a BBS
SYSOP Systems Operator; manages BBS
piracy duplication & distribution of copyrighted software
vandalism damage & destroy computer records, information, or network

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