Friday, July 13, 2012

Answer the following & keep track of how many yes answers you have

* I may forget other things, but I've got my email address & web site memorized.
* I use the computer so much, my significant other threatens to ration me.
* Sometimes, I check my email before I brush my teeth in the morning.
* I not only use the little smiley-con's in my email, I put them on letters.
* I think Bill Gates is kind of cute, even though I'm embarrassed to admit it.
* I now have more friends in the 'virtual world' than I do in the 'real world'.
* I get an empty feeling when I turn off my modem.
* I laugh at people who have 9600-baud problems.
* When using my word processor, I find myself typing 'com' after every period.
* I occasionally introduce myself as 'so and so... at such and'

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