Friday, July 13, 2012

Basic Computer Skills - Class Outline

For an introduction to the Basic Computer Skills Class, please go here

  1. General introductions
    1. Instructor introductions
    2. How the class/lab works
    3. Student introductions (name, skill level, expectations)
    4. Pre-class Basic Computer Skills Survey
    5. Teacher Notes for Lessons 1 thru 4
  2. Introduction to the computer
    1. Basic components of a computer (monitor, CPU, storage, etc.)
    2. Keyboard vs. mouse
    3. Desktop vs. laptop
    4. Activity:  power off/on computers
    5. Teacher Notes for Lessons 1 thru 4
  3. Introduction to Windows
    1. Operating Systems (brief explanation of O/S, application and data layers)
    2. Desktop (icons, Start button, taskbar)
    3. Cursor/mouse
    4. Activity:  click & drag desktop icons
    5. Programs (3 ways to start programs (icon, Start, All Programs))
    6. Activity:  use Play with Paint to show how to use the mouse and icons
    7. Handout:  Tips for Using the Mouse and Keyboard
    8. Teacher Notes for Lessons 1 thru 4
  4. Introduction to typing
    1. Benefits of typing skills
    2. Mavis Beacon program, expectations for practice
    3. Explain “ghost fingers” and green keys
    4. Activity:  open Mavis Beacon, show sign in, lessons and games
    5. Teacher Notes for Lessons 1 thru 4
  5. Review Windows and Typing
    1. Review Mavis Beacon instructions
    2. Activity:  walk through first Mavis Beacon game
    3. Review the desktop and how to open programs (desktop icons, Start menu)
    4. Activity:  Mouse Exercises
    5. Teacher Notes for Lesson 5
  6. Windows Navigation
    1. Window features (minimize, resize, exit, click & drag)
    2. Menu bar (drop down arrow)
    3. Tool bar (icons) (roll cursor over to ID)
    4. Scrolling
    5. Multiple ways to do same thing (menu, icon, keyboard)
    6. Activity:  Play with Windows
    7. Teacher Notes for Lesson 6
  7. Word Introduction
    1. How to open Word (icon, Start menu, All Programs)
    2. What is a “document”
    3. Using cursor with text (how to position, different types of cursor)
    4. Review menu bar and tool bar
    5. Using keyboard with text (arrows, backspace, delete, tab, shift, space, enter keys)
    6. Highlighting text (click & drag, full line from margin, edit/select all)
    7. Activity:  Bus Driver
    8. Teacher Notes for Lesson 7
  8. Review Windows and Word
    1. Handout:  Word Toolbars
    2. Review Toolbars handout
    3. Activity:  Garden Apt
    4. Teacher Notes for Lesson 8
  9. Word Formatting Commands
    1. Handout:  Selecting Text
    2. Requirement to highlight text for formatting commands
    3. Formatting commands (Bold/Italicize/Underline, show as “on/off” icons)
    4. Font size, Font type (review drop down arrow)
    5. Text color, Text highlight (review drop down arrow)
    6. Alignment (left, center, right)
    7. Activity:  Ann’s Hot Dog Stand
    8. Teacher Notes for Lesson 9
  10. Review Word Formatting
    1. Handout:  Word Formatting
    2. Review Word Formatting handout
    3. Activity:  Pop Quiz
    4. Teacher Notes for Lesson 10
  11. Windows File Management
    1. Handout: Thinking about Storage
    2. Options for storage (internal drive, flash drive, CD/DVD)
    3. Introduce Flash Drive
    4. Files and Folders
    5. My Computer
    6. Activity:  find flash drive, find a specific folder and then find the file
    7. Save As, Save and Exit without changes
    8. Activity:  Save As, Save and Find a File 
    9. Teacher Notes for Lesson 11
  12. Review Formatting and File Management
    1. Handout:  How to Open or Save Documents
    2. Review How to Open or Save Documents handout
    3. Activity:  Party Poster  (Have class find, update and save this file)
    4. Teacher Notes for Lesson 12
  13. Internet Navigation
    1. What is the Internet
    2. What is a Web Browser
    3. Links and navigation bars
    4. Back & forward arrow buttons, home button
    5. Address bar (how to use the website address/URL in the address bar)
    6. Who can I trust?
    7. Teacher Notes for Lesson 13
  14. Internet Search
    1. How to start a web browser (Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer
    2. Techlab as Home Page
    3. Getting to Google (toolbars, search box, other Google features)
    4. Pick a topic to search for (e.g. recipes, used cars, news, SAF or SFNM)
    5. Google results page (3 components of result:  link, content, URL)
    6. What is a website address or URL
    7. Teacher Notes for Lesson 14
  15. Internet Safe Practices
    1. Advertising and commercial sites
    2. Scams and Frauds
    3. Maybe also talk about email safe practices?
    4. Discuss how to verify legitimate sites
    5. Teacher Notes for Lesson 15
  16. Word Editing
    1. Undo/Redo
    2. Spell check (by the word, by the document)
    3. Find/replace
    4. Activity:  Cover Letter or Spell Check Exercise
    5. Teacher Notes for Lesson 16
  17. Word Formatting, cont.
    1. Bullets/numbers
    2. Review Windows Navigation (lesson 6)
    3. Copy/cut/paste
    4. Activity:  Mercedes Benz
    5. Teacher Notes for Lesson 17
  18. Review Word Editing and Formatting
    1. Handout:  Editing, Bullets and Cut & Paste
    2. Review Editing, bullets, copy/paste handout
    3. Activity:  Sixty four
    4. Teacher Notes for Lesson 18
  19. Final Review and Project
    1. Review all Handouts
    2. Activity:  Let’s Review Everything
    3. Review questions and answers
    4. Teacher Notes for Lesson 19
  20. Final Exam and Graduation
    1. Post-class Basic Computer Skills Survey
    2. Certificates
    3. Party (optional)

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