Wednesday, March 24, 2010

High-end Gaming PC for 60K

The last time we built a high-end gaming rig we went all out and got some of the best components available. This was all fine but come to think of it, 80K is a high price tag that not everyone is willing to shell out. I sure many wouldn't want to spend so much money on a gaming rig. So we decided to build a slightly lower priced high-end rig in which the primary components would remain high-end but we would have to cut down on the other luxuries like a fancy case or expensive speakers.

We set out with a target of 60K (excluding the cost of the OS), which I think is fairly acceptable budget for a high-end gaming rig, and we managed to put together quite a potent little machine that will easily play the current crop of games.

CPU and Motherboard Combo

Intel Core i5 750 - (Rs. 9,700)

It's been long since our last high-end guide and now I'm pretty sure the Corei5 is widely available and can be found easily. In fact we also have the new Clarkdale CPUs like the Corei5 661 that is priced similarly and also has a higher clock speed, but the L2 and L3 cache is a lot less, which makes the i5 750 a better buy.

ECS P55H-A - (Rs. 6,700)

We've again gone for an ECS P55 based chipset since it's priced well and gives you lots of features. This comes from their Black Series line up and features debug LEDs, power and rest buttons built in to the board and CrossFire support.

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