Saturday, March 20, 2010

14 - Tips to Increase Site Traffic

"As blogger, web publisher of my own sites, internet user and marketer, I make little research through web sites of famous web publishers and bloggers, with one simple idea - to find their ways for increasing web traffic on their sites, and, of course, to use some of that ways of increasing web traffic to my own site.

I notice that most of them use good known internet marketing strategy for increasing site visitors. Internet marketing is very big theme to discuss, but I will try to present (as amateur and student of this powerful marketing science) some tips which are most powerful to increase number of visitors to your site.

The list of tips is ordered by priority, by my own perspective (from relevant to irrelevant):
  1. Be a good internet citizen. Provide useful articles, resources, links on your website, stuff that make people feel thankful for your time and effort. Help every person who emails you a question or person who ask questions, as comment in your posts.
  2. Give free stuff - tools, utils, downloads, write articles about your own knowledge and expertise.
  3. Write articles for publication on other websites and forums, exchange ideas or add insightful comments on other articles. Ask for reviews of your articles on other webmasters. This will increase links to your articles.
  4. Write articles for your own site regularly. This gives your visitors a reason to come back.
  5. Create an RSS feed. Give people way to interact with your content.
  6. Add links to your site of people with complimentary sites. Ask them to add link of your site to their site. Your site links, on other sites, means more people clicking through - lead to improving your search engine rankings.
  7. Participate in a banner exchange program. Cost nothing, but increase site visitors. Another thing ? this is start for building brand for your website.
  8. Build your site to be accessible to all browsers, PocketPC, Palm Pilot, WAP users.
  9. Optimize your site (Search Engine Optimization). Find the best keywords or phases for your website, which will present your services, articles and products on search engines.
  10. Get listed in search engines. Submit your site to all mayor search engines (Google, Yahoo, HotBot, etc.).
  11. Improve link popularity by submitting your site to major web directories. Ex. Link popularity is the most relative factor for Google ranking algorithm.
  12. Assign to affiliate marketing programs. This will make you some money if you puts their ads on your website (pay per click, pay per lead, pay per sale, or pay per customer acquired), and the most relevant - Affiliate marketing programs take care of their own community (members) and use ways to improve popularity of their own members (that?s you).
  13. Pay for clicks to your website. When people search for keyword or phrases related to your products or services you site will be listed in section with sponsored links. For start, try Google adWords program.
  14. Try with e-mail marketing. Find email list and promote your site services and products by sending e-mail messages. In some versions of internet marketing, this can be considered as SPAM. For your protection - add unsubscribe note at the end of your email message. Don?t send emails to the users which replay to your e-mail promotions and ask you to unsubscribe him/her from your list.
I hope that with this article I made a little contribution for better understanding of internet marketing and increasing site traffic. But, as I said, this is my own perspective. If you use some of this tips, please let me know which ones worked best for you, share with me your experience."

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