Saturday, May 1, 2010

Japanese robot mimics movements

Mahru the robot can dance and wave and do just about anything you can do, while you're doing it. The latest version of this humanoid-looking robot developed by Korea Institute of Science and Technology's (KISK) Cognitive Robotics Centre can mimic a person's movement in real-time, reports the sci-tech website IEEE Spectrum.

Dubbed Mahru, the robot's movements are fluid and clean. And how it performs them is evolving every day.

Previously, the robot had to learn how to perform new tasks via video. Now, a motion-capture suit allows the wearer's movements to be transferred directly to Mahru.

The motions can be recorded for later use, too.

The KISK Cognitive Robotics Center research focuses on designing robots that do chores for people, and they have made headlines before, as newer models become capable of ever more complex tasks.

Past versions of Mahru have performed chores like grocery shopping, or bringing food to tables.

"Attention is turning to the benefits offered by human friendly intelligent robots since the market for traditional industrial robots does not offer the growth potential it once had," reads the Center's website.

"The Center’s goal is to develop new intelligent agent technologies to provide human-friendly services for human beings by combining intelligence technologies and bio-mimetic sensing-and-control technologies with traditional robot technologies."

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