Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dell to Come Up With Smartphone in India

Dell has opened its box of announcements for the introduction of Smartphones intothe market.

This announcement was made by Steve Felice, President of Dell’s consumer that Smartphones will hit the Indian market later this year. This was stated in a post-earnings press conference called by the company with Asian journalists on Friday.

The conference also revealed that Dell will be introducing more smartphone models in China as well adding more to the list initiated earlier this year.

According to some figures gathered by research firm IDC India, the country has witnessed far more mobile phone purchase as compared to the PC. The sales of mobile phones surpassed the personal computers as the rate was 80 new mobile phones against one PC.

There is a probability that with the launch of commercial third-generation bandwidth services by September, the usage of data services on smartphones will also rise. Smartphone is a familiar thing crowned with being the world’s fastest growing and second-largest mobile phone market.

Considering the number of units sold in 2009, currently Nokia is leading the shares with 54.1%, second in the row is Samsung with a 9.7% and then LG with 6.4%.

But in India, Smartphones will have to compete of cheap Indian and Chinese copies of Nokia, Blackberry and iPhone, and they pose a serious threat to the plans of smartphones makers like Dell, H-P and Apple.

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