Monday, February 15, 2010 launches improved 3.2 version, the world's leading free personal productivity software, has managed to attain more than 300 million download so far and has been an instant success. Now, the company has now announced that it is updating its office suite to make it faster and more compatible with other office software programs, according to The Independent. is a free alternative to Microsoft's Office Suite and Apple's iWork suite. It has around 22 percent of the Office suite market share in countries like Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany according to a February 2010 report by version 3.2 provides users with faster start-up times, improved compatibility with open standard (ODF) and proprietary file formats, a Chart module that can be used throughout, and many new enhanced features across the board.

"Some people are currently locked in to other personal productivity tools - maybe by corporate IT policy, or by tie-in to other legacy software. For everyone else, we want to be the 2010 office software of choice, and 3.2 takes us another step towards that goal" said Florian Effenberger, Marketing Project Lead of

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