Friday, February 5, 2010

Microsoft: Buys Office 2003…Asked you

These two day of Microsoft\’s news are many very, looked like Microsoft to speed up the numerous products and the LH engagement footsteps. In Microsoft speeds up the speed to in the second half of this year later period time emits the new edition Office, but Microsoft can not but face a such question: Had the majority customer still not to promote to Office 2003….

Although 2003 are the newest editions. According to the Register Britain reported that only then 15% customers have installed office 2003, before update Office comes out Microsoft needs to have 50% customers at least to promote to 2003. Therefore Microsoft prepares to hit a blitzkrieg, the persuasion these third party development personnel as far as possible develop 2003 auxiliary softwares to promote 2003 volume of users enhancements. The major problem, that is natural. Because has the majority user to think that does not need to promote.

More than ten million users have used the product which he has 3 to 5 year long time, moreover they have not discovered until now has the promotion necessity, then you cannot force them to promote. Analyst Paul DeGroot said.

Microsoft must reconsider his decision, this was not likely asks your user to use the best method which many year softwares promoted

From: The Register Sci-Tech News for the World

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