Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Site Portable Accommodation

Site portable accommodation generally refers to any type of portable buildings whether they are offices, toilets to steel storage units. There are many different reasons why portable buildings are used, and one of the mains reasons for their use is there versatility. They are very quick and easy to install and can be used at almost any location depending on the road network. Portable cabins are generally used for temporary accommodation, however due to their robust and efficient design they are sometimes used for very long periods of time spanning many years and become part of the locality where they are erected. They are very commonly used on building sites where they can be seen typically stacked one on top of another to form an efficient space saving office block, where space is at a premium. These types of buildings are more commonly called modular or jackleg cabins and are available in wide range of styles and finishes to suit the customers requirements. Some types of site accommodation can be very impressive and buildings such as offices and classrooms can involve much larger installations with a huge floor space and facilities such as canteens and toilets incorporated into them.

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